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Efficient Sprinkler System & Repair

With water bills increasing and conservation at its peak, have Etcheverry & Son Landscaping install an automated smart irrigation system. This technologically advanced system adjusts itself to the climate.

Climate Automated

Smart controllers actually adjust function depending on the solar temperature. The controller senses circumstances such as an overcast sky and cuts the irrigation by 20% to save water. This advanced system saves water and money because it is not always running at 100%.

Smart System

The smart controller requires an upgraded sprinkler system. We design and install technologically advanced smart sprinkler systems on commercial and residential properties.

Maintenance Services

Schedule an on-site assessment of your property and we provide a thorough maintenance check of every station. We perform a thorough system audit to test efficiency and check electrical parts, as well as locate and repair any broken components of the system.

Contact us today to find out about smart control irrigation systems.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to create and maintain beautiful, functional exterior
spaces, to enhance and add value to our customer's property.

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